“Carteles” en Disobedient Objects /V&A

Participación en la muestra Objetos Desobedientes, Victoria & Albert Museum, Londres.

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pagina dossierDO-Object-Overview-SH-19

Disobedient Objects is an exhibition about out-designing authority.
Many of the rights and liberties we enjoy today were won by disobedience, and
objects have played a crucial role in these grassroots struggles for social change.
There is a long history of ordinary people making, breaking and appropriating
objects in order to exert ‘counter-power’ from below. Disobedient Objects is an
exhibition about people refusing to be passive subjects, taking history into their
own hands to change the world.
Social movement histories have often neglected the material culture through which
change is enacted. Institutions of art and design have likewise tended to overlook
objects made for political protest. The thesis of this exhibition is that political
disobedience drives powerful and innovative forms of making and that art and
design are now integral tools for achieving social change through activism.
This is the first exhibition of its kind to rigorously address the objects of protest
culture. While it cannot offer a complete overview of the subject, the exhibition will
throw a spotlight on extremely relevant but neglected forms of making.

26 July 2014 – 1 February 2015





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